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Reacting to Racism 101

A brown girl pens down her thoughts after hearing black nationalist Nikki Giovanni speak on racism

Brainwashed by Basketball

As the basketball madness takes over, the transformation to “Duke student,” is complete.

Nurturing Creativity


An Ever-Changing Home

A young woman of Mexican and Indian heritage appreciates the different homes that helped shape her unique identity.

Dr. Doolittle Style

Show compassion for animals—there is much to learn from our non-human brethren.

Sweet Home Carolina

A longtime Californian moves to North Carolina and finds plenty she likes that could keep her from coming back.


College, week two, lesson one...

Goin' Back to Pakistan

Bad legal advice, bureaucratic delays and strict new immigration policies mean that two California teens whose favorite pastimes were playing football and chasing girls could soon be deported to Pakistan.

A Dancer's World

In retrospect, a young bharatanatyam student wishes she hadn’t abandoned pursuit of the art.

Now That I Know

A teenager puts away her Gap and Gucci when she learns of the child labor that give her the cool style.
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