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Category: Youth

Why Write?

Why write? Especially when you can be a doctor or an engineer?

Split Identity

Opening the doors to two cultural identities and two wonderful ways of life.

Who Said I Learned Anything at School?

An eighth-grader tells us of the things she learned in school ... besides academics, that is.

Towered Out

A fresh perspective on age-old wonders. Does the Eiffel Tower really merit a visit?



Friendship: It's a Good Thing!

If only friendship could blur the divide between countries

Reacting to Racism 101

A brown girl pens down her thoughts after hearing black nationalist Nikki Giovanni speak on racism

Brainwashed by Basketball

As the basketball madness takes over, the transformation to “Duke student,” is complete.

Nurturing Creativity


An Ever-Changing Home

A young woman of Mexican and Indian heritage appreciates the different homes that helped shape her unique identity.
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