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A Flood Of Memories

Ever wondered why in India, of all places, every residential neighborhood is referred to as a colony? One would imagine that after a few centuries of foreign colonization with enough scars to last another few, India would banish the term. But no, instead a lot of us have unforgettable ...

Mrinalini's Mississippi

Of graves, roots and final resting places

The Stagnant Traveler

A reflection on the time and space between losses and gains

Love Online

From writing a profile to meeting your match: A 20-something joins an online dating site to find out why singles are looking for love on the world wide web.


I type, therefore I am

Who Took the Tamarind Out?

ayurveda—noun (ah-yur-vey-dah)Origin: Sanskrit,  equivalent to  ayur/ayus  life, vital power + veda  knowledge

Counter Valley Thinking

A world run by software may be sexier than a world run by bureaucrats, but it’s just a sexist horse of a different color.

A Letter From Paris

First Published in July 2012 On an impulse, I bought a ticket to Paris. A friend of mine has been living here for a year so I decided to visit her. Visiting her was just an excuse. Subconsciously, I wanted to travel alone; to test my mettle; to see ...

Should India Be Spending Money on a Mission to Mars?

No, India should be fiscally conservative India has launched a rocket in space on a mission to Mars, becoming only the 4th nation in the world to do so and the first in Asia to embark on this journey. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) also boasts that this is a ...

The Everyday Yogi

Television was my first yoga instructor. I remember watching shows, and doing the same yoga practice for a year every night, thinking to myself, “I got a good downward facing dog now! my flexibility is great! I need a different video.” I thought that yoga was all about flexibility ...
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