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Are Anti-Tech Protests in San Francisco Justified?


Modern Day Slavery

In 1971, V.S. Naipaul published a short story collection titled In a Free State. The first story is about an Indian domestic servant who accompanies his diplomat master to Washington, D.C. The man bundles up his belongings in a piece of cloth and rides the airplane where ...

Daddy’s Not-So-Little Girl

One of my strongest memories of childhood is from age 9, where, propping my eyes open with thumbs and forefingers, I willed myself not to doze as I waited behind metal railings for Daddy to emerge from the airport. I had never been on a plane myself. Foreign travel ...

Stop by for Chai

chai [chaey]  nouna drink of tea made with cardamom and various other spices, milk, and a sweetener.Origin: 1970-75;  < Turkish çay  and Russian, Persian, Hindi, Urdu chay  tea, ultimately < Mandarin ch’a  te

Artists We Owe

This month, Kathputli Colony, a neighborhood of Shadipur in Delhi, is slated for demolition. The Delhi Development Authority has sold the land on which KC’s residents live to a real estate developer, who has plans to build a condominium and shopping mall. Meanwhile, Raheja Developers has been charged ...

The Fundamental Feminist

In celebration of Gloria Steinem's birthday!

Do We Relax Environmental Regulations During Drought?

Yes, a practical solution should be found California is reeling from the worst drought in modern history with an estimated economic loss of over $5B this year in agriculture, including milk production. California, the 12th largest economy in the world, is blessed with fertile soil and a climate that ...

Rain, Again

Three and a half decades ago, on a late July night in Bombay, the rain came clattering down on the red-tiled roof of the Parsi General Hospital. Just a few hours earlier, my mother had delivered her firstborn, and I lay in a bassinet under ultra violet light, tiny ...

Undesired Desires

If you get what your heart desires, it is good. If you don’t, it is better.” I posted a note about this philosophy on my blog and got a lot of comments. What a losing attitude, most said. I grew up with the belief that I could design ...

A Raja’s Pearl

raja—noun (rah-juh)—Hindi and Urdu raja, from Sanskrit raja—king First Known Use: 15551:  an Indian or Malay prince or chief2:  the bearer of a title of nobility among the Hindus
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