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An Orange Letdown

orange [awr-inj]  nouna globose, reddish-yellow, bitter or sweet, edible citrus fruit.Origin: 1300–50; Middle English:  the fruit or tree < Old French orenge,  cognate with Spanish naranja  < Arabic naranj  < Persian narang  < Sanskrit naranga

Autobiography of a Freedom Fighter

Buried deep inside my mind is a sepia colored scene from early childhood, its hues taken from the films we used to see on the streets during festival time. In the scene, I am sitting beside my father Dada on a plywood divan in the front room of our ...

What the Goddess Says

Halfway through “Beyond Bollywood: Indian Americans Shape the Nation,” next to the Pentium chip and around the corner from DJ Rekha, is Ruee Gawarikar’s “The Goddess of Visas” (2013). The accompanying text panel describes the painting as “a humorous take on the tedious and anxiety-ridden process of applying for ...

India’s Election Quandary


Lemon Pickles for Lent

The season of Lent, six weeks of fasting, prayer and charity straddles winter and spring. Thus, these weeks are filled with nature’s own transitions from darkness to light, from cold to warmth and from lifelessness to new life. Christians observe Lent to remember the forty days and nights ...

Statue Man

My mother is dead and my father and I are in Madras. We are staying in my father’s brother’s house, trying to recuperate, if one can ever recuperate from the loss of a mother or a wife. My uncle and aunt are doing everything they can to ...

Are Anti-Tech Protests in San Francisco Justified?


Modern Day Slavery

In 1971, V.S. Naipaul published a short story collection titled In a Free State. The first story is about an Indian domestic servant who accompanies his diplomat master to Washington, D.C. The man bundles up his belongings in a piece of cloth and rides the airplane where ...

Daddy’s Not-So-Little Girl

One of my strongest memories of childhood is from age 9, where, propping my eyes open with thumbs and forefingers, I willed myself not to doze as I waited behind metal railings for Daddy to emerge from the airport. I had never been on a plane myself. Foreign travel ...

Stop by for Chai

chai [chaey]  nouna drink of tea made with cardamom and various other spices, milk, and a sweetener.Origin: 1970-75;  < Turkish çay  and Russian, Persian, Hindi, Urdu chay  tea, ultimately < Mandarin ch’a  te
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