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A Summer Sojourn

The summers of my childhood were long, hot and boring. The main distractions were playing cards, gazing at the stars at night, and occasionally, eating Blue Bell ice cream. When relatives visited, therefore, I was overjoyed. But my mother, Aai, was irritated because of the extra mouths she would ...

Tummy Time

Being pregnant is no joke, and I had an easy pregnancy. First there’s morning sickness, which is ghastly even if you don’t have Kate Middleton’s variety. There’s not being able to tell anyone why you aren’t feeling like yourself until you have cleared the ...


A Way of Life Just as I began reading your July 2013 issue, I put on the kettle for “tea” like Sarita Sarvate (Tea, India Currents, July 2013), called out to my husband, “I’ll have three sugars with that, please” like Kalpana Mohan (I’ll Have Three Sugars With ...


My first taste of tea was second hand. I would stand behind the door curtain hanging between the front room and the middle room, twirling the fabric between my fingers, and peeking at visitors drinking tea. I would imagine its taste, hot and bitter. I was sure it was ...

Is Surveillance in the Name of Protection Ok?

A Question of Identity

At a party the other day, while mingling with old and new faces, a friendly looking chap walks up and says, “So, who are  you?” Very infrequently does one get an in-person friend request, in this age of social media, and so I habitually rattled off my name and ...

The Power of my 929

Beware of salesmen with wide, toothy grins

Lalgudi G. Jayaraman


Wikipedia’s Sexist Turn

Men are Novelists; Women are “Women Novelists?”

The Accursed Couch

Is that a couch or a landing place?
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