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Step Into Our Verandah

verandah—noun (vuh-ran-duh)—a large, open porch, usually roofed and partly enclosed, as by a railing, often extending across the front and sides of a house; gallery.

Thirteen Things I Wish I'd Heard When I Turned 13

An advice column for thirteen-year olds.

A Million Morsels of Love

The romance of karva chauth


Letters to the editor

Our Recipes, Our Lives

This morning I was making a lentil soup for my family, almost exactly the way my grandmother, in India, taught me decades ago. Or so I first thought. Her recipe used six tablespoons of butter, onions, garlic, red lentils, about eight different spices, loads of cilantro and a touch ...

Slip Into Something Comfortable

The nightie revolution

The Breaking Bad in All of Us

The best TV show ever—and I mean EVER—ended on September 29th. And now I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms. So much so that I have decided to watch Breaking Bad from beginning to end, all over again. The story of the brilliant chemistry teacher Walter White, who, after ...

Approximating H-4

This fall, I packed up my books and belongings and moved across the country for someone else’s job. I arrived at the airport with a baby in tow; my husband was waiting to greet us with a freshly washed car and bachelor scruff. He took us “home” to ...


At noon, if you want to hire an auto-rickshaw by my father’s apartment in T. Nagar in Chennai, India, you must gear up for a bit of a walk because all around our home, auto-rickshaws are lined up like languorous coaches in the railroad yard at Chennai’s ...

From Here to Eternity and Back, Quickly

I’ve often thought of it but this summer I finally formulated it into one of Murphy’s Laws: Traveling to your holiday destination always takes more time than coming back. It always seems to take so long to reach our vacation spot but our return journey seems to go ...
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