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Chia Seeds, Psyllium Husk and a Blender

Go to any new-age retreat in California, and you will find young people preparing their breakfasts, not with spatulas and skillets, but with blenders. If you are eating your meal instead of drinking it, you are in danger of dating yourself. If you are eating bread or any other ...

Crushed By the Juggernaut

juggernaut—noun (juhg-er-nawt, -not)—Origin: 1630–40;  < Hindi Jagannath  < Sanskrit Jagannatha  lord of the world (i.e., the god Vishnu or Krishna), equivalent to jagat  world + natha  lord

Standing Left of the Right

The institution of marriage resembles a lock with multiple combination codes. Different permutations can be applied to different generations and societies. Among the numerous types of marriages we have witnessed through history, human society has resisted some forms and embraced others based on religious, moral and personal values.  Like ...

A Flood Of Memories

Ever wondered why in India, of all places, every residential neighborhood is referred to as a colony? One would imagine that after a few centuries of foreign colonization with enough scars to last another few, India would banish the term. But no, instead a lot of us have unforgettable ...

Mrinalini's Mississippi

Of graves, roots and final resting places

The Stagnant Traveler

A reflection on the time and space between losses and gains

Love Online

From writing a profile to meeting your match: A 20-something joins an online dating site to find out why singles are looking for love on the world wide web.


I type, therefore I am

Who Took the Tamarind Out?

ayurveda—noun (ah-yur-vey-dah)Origin: Sanskrit,  equivalent to  ayur/ayus  life, vital power + veda  knowledge

Counter Valley Thinking

A world run by software may be sexier than a world run by bureaucrats, but it’s just a sexist horse of a different color.
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