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A Letter to My Husband After My First Weekend Home Alone

You’re probably not supposed to feel elated when your husband and two year old leave on a family trip without you, but I did.     Thursday, after I dropped you both at the airport, I worked for a little while, then decided to do what I normally can never ...


The sight of a ruby red hibiscus flower takes me back to my childhood. To a certain garden in Dharwar (in Karnataka, India), where this splendid flower grew in profusion. And to the house, which this garden adorned.  This beautiful, grand old house in Dharwar was our destination during ...

The Churidar Gets a Nod

churidar, noun. long tight-fitting trousers, worn by Indian men and women. Also called churidar pyjamas. From Hindi.

Will the Real Bobby Jindal Please Stand Up?

Whenever Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal talks, I cringe. He reminds me of Peter Sellers trying to imitate an Indian guy pretending to be a Southerner. Or rather, lacking Peter Seller’s talent, he sounds like a B-actor playing a bumbling Indian imitating a Southern politician. Bobby Jindal is God ...

India, Poverty and The Economist

News about India in the media makes for distressing reading

The Order of Things

On June 25, four and a half months shy of her 99th birthday, my great-grandmother, M. (Mundarath) Jayasankhini, took her final sips of milk from the hands of her second oldest son and passed away. For years, they said, she had drunk only milk and tea, refusing to take water ...

You Lose It In A Generation

My mother tongue is English. My father tongue is English. The only language I will probably ever wield with unqualified fluency is English.

The House Of Teak

teak, noun. A large East Indian tree, of the verbena family, yielding a hard, durable, resinous, yellowish-brown wood used for shipbuilding, making furniture, etc.

Does a Corset a Woman Make: Defining Femininity in the Face of Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Cover

Under the guise of promoting transgender rights, don’t reduce me to a body in a white corset.  

My Stroke of ... Luck?

In a second, I lost it all, my past, my present, and most tragically, my future.
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