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My Stroke of ... Luck?

In a second, I lost it all, my past, my present, and most tragically, my future.

Are You Desi Enough . . .

 ... straddling the culture divide

An Ode to Wives Who Rule

“What did John Lennon see in her?” is a question that forever refuses to die. There is a magical quality about Yoko.  Her assets and attractions are hidden underneath the surface.

Fault Lines

When an earthquake hits, you can find faults but you can’t find fault.

The Call Of The Koel

The call of the koel will always remind me of the collapse of a nest.

A Magical Murder Mystery

Sarita Sarvate talks of her fascination with Serial, a podcast about the disappearance of a Korean girl.

Finding Solace in the Digital Age

Pushpinder Lubana's mother slowly found that she had a trusted friend to take her mind off her grief.

That Downward Dog at Yoga

yoga: a school of Hindu philosophy advocating a course of physical and mental disciplines for attaining union of the self with the Supreme Being or ultimate principle.

The Waiting Game

Ragini Tharoor: "I was racked with self-doubt. Even worse than the self-doubt was the unflagging, unstoppable, tireless and wrenching hope."

Empathy or the Lack Thereof

Stop blaming the victim, build the compassion muscle, and other exhortations by Manikya Veena.
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