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Guilty of Walking While Brown

"Are you sure 'they' know who you are when you take a walk around your neighborhood?" 

Plunging Necklines, Gaping Armholes and Low Risers

Undies or Outies?

The Business of Fish

Bangra, Boi, Boomla, Bombil anyone?

The Secret Annex

My grandmother’s diary was so not like Bridget Jones’. When my grandfather died, leaving her a widow at the age of 37, she began writing. A small, slender, self-effacing woman, her life centered around her children and her grandchildren. By then, I—her first grandchild—had already been ...

Finding Kalpana

A mother finds parallels in Finding Nemo as she bids adieu to her college bound daughter

Motherhood Above All?

Equally, it is not for us to glorify motherhood to such extremes that we look askance at those who prefer another life mission—whether by choice or circumstance.

The Non-Redundant Indian

As a keen follower of Indian politics and the upcoming national elections, and someone who is very active on social media year-round, I have lately been confronted by an interesting phenomenon: The tendency of resident Indians to a) diss NRIs and render them irrelevant by virtue of not residing ...

Daddy’s Not-So-Little Girl

One of my strongest memories of childhood is from age 9, where, propping my eyes open with thumbs and forefingers, I willed myself not to doze as I waited behind metal railings for Daddy to emerge from the airport. I had never been on a plane myself. Foreign travel ...

Rain, Again

Three and a half decades ago, on a late July night in Bombay, the rain came clattering down on the red-tiled roof of the Parsi General Hospital. Just a few hours earlier, my mother had delivered her firstborn, and I lay in a bassinet under ultra violet light, tiny ...

Standing Left of the Right

The institution of marriage resembles a lock with multiple combination codes. Different permutations can be applied to different generations and societies. Among the numerous types of marriages we have witnessed through history, human society has resisted some forms and embraced others based on religious, moral and personal values.  Like ...
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