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Cheating Relationships

The relationship diva dispenses advice on cheating relationships.

Why Do We Have Allergies?

By addressing the root causes of their allergy, and by making practical and sustainable changes in their diet and lifestyle, allergy sufferers can prevent or minimize their allergy symptoms while avoiding long-term dependency on allergy drugs

Khatta Dhoklas

Make this variation on Khaman Dhoklas at home

Leh—Under The Blue Sky

"Far below, lay the dusty sprawling city of Leh ...  a gentle wind blew over us, whispering something to the prayer flags and rustling our hairs." A travelog by Sharmila Pal.

Long-Distance Relationships

With tools available on the Internet, relationships that span even thousands of miles have a higher success rate than ever before.

Handling Negative Feedback

Appreciation is always welcome, but how to deal with negative feedback? Dr. Alzak Amlani weighs in.

Vision, Clarity and Cataracts

Mimm Patterson realizes that she has not been able to see all that this beautiful world has to offer.

The Poetry in Burmese Cuisine

Praba Iyer's recipes for Burmese fare served in popular restaurants.

The Magic of Angkor–Build it and They Will Come

Riz Mithani at the Temples of Angkor, in a travelogue full of apsaras, myths, and history. And some practical matters.

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Are you a single male? Women are far more likely to be receptive to any of the following four approaches than cheesy pick-up lines.
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