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It’s In The Eyes: Using Eye Contact to Determine Romantic Interest

My friend told me to pay attention to my date’s eyes to gauge his interest—any truth to that?

Getting To Know Yourself: Are You an Extrovert or an Introvert?

Q.I am in the midst of numerous decisions and changes at work and at home. They are exciting and daunting. I start to feel anxious and overwhelmed when I think about them all. Yet I tend to seek out more challenges and creative projects that take time and require ...

Skyrocket Your Energy Level

Do you ever watch a group of kids at play and wonder where they get all that energy? If you were able to bottle all that vim and vigor, you would make a fortune selling this elixir at offices in early afternoons or at the juice bar in the ...

Baked Samosa Triangles: The Tasty and Healthy Indian Snack

All cultures have tantalizing, cherished foods that are usually served before or at the start of a meal. Known in the United States as appetizers (appetite-teasers), hors d’oeuvres, or antipasto, they are called dim sum (touch the heart) in China, and antojitos (little whims) in Mexico. In Gujarat ...

Destination Bali

"In Bali, spiritual income is as important as physical income: the use of raw, organic spa ingredients benefits the local farmers." A travel article by Vivienne Kruger.

When Should Kids Start Yoga?

It is common knowledge that yoga is great for adults. And millions around the world pursue this practice regularly. But is the practice only for adults? No! Yoga should ideally begin at an early age in one’s childhood so one can grow into a well-rounded individual and not ...

Creamy Happiness—Kesar Badam Kulfi

Creamy and perfectly chewy with melt-in-the-mouth texture, this typical Indian summer dessert is heightened with the richness of saffron, crunchiness of almonds and the earthiness of cardamom powder

Ten Days To Tirumala

The crush of people was unbelievable. With my palms pressed together in front of me, I moved forward, almost carried by the pressing bodies around me. At times, I almost lose my footing, but the grip of the crowd around me kept me upright.

Cheating Relationships

The relationship diva dispenses advice on cheating relationships.

Why Do We Have Allergies?

By addressing the root causes of their allergy, and by making practical and sustainable changes in their diet and lifestyle, allergy sufferers can prevent or minimize their allergy symptoms while avoiding long-term dependency on allergy drugs
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