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Category: Last Word by Sarita Sarvate

The Mother I Never Knew

Putting together the pieces of my mother’s life story.

Spatial Dislocation

The generative schizophrenia of inhabiting two places at once.

Obama: The Ultimate Global Villager

Why Barack Obama’s candidacy heralds a more perfect union.

Billary Revisited

The U.S. democracy can do better than “Billary” for President.

Pain on the Court

If you’re boorish on the tennis court, chances are you’re no picnic off the court, either.

India Awakens

Garbage collection, rent control, environmental awareness, and spirituality without superstition. 21st century India is a new animal altogether.

Everyone Should Learn Español

¿Habla español? Learning Spanish is the best way to expand our horizons and world view.

What Would Shaw Say?

America needs to view the world without illusion, the way George Bernard Shaw would have done.

Obsessed with The Sopranos

The Sopranos may be misogynistic and even xenophobic at times, but it is also "nearly the best thing ever recoded on film."

Take Your Children Camping

Camping is good fun—hiking, sleeping bags, romantic cookouts—but it’s also essential education for the new generation.
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