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Category: Last Word by Sarita Sarvate

The Personal Becomes Political

We finally have a modern First Couple in Barack and Michelle Obama.

A Tryst with Destiny

Obama's election was a rare moment in history, our tryst with destiny.

Questions that Defy Answers

We’re still waiting for answers to these FAQs about the economy and the election.

How to Rule the World

Sarah Palin is part of a neo-conservative ploy to use religion to sway the masses.

Jingoism Dominates Olympics

Who could tell where the commercials ended and the Olympics broadcast began?

The Mother I Never Knew

Putting together the pieces of my mother’s life story.

Spatial Dislocation

The generative schizophrenia of inhabiting two places at once.

Obama: The Ultimate Global Villager

Why Barack Obama’s candidacy heralds a more perfect union.

Billary Revisited

The U.S. democracy can do better than “Billary” for President.

Pain on the Court

If you’re boorish on the tennis court, chances are you’re no picnic off the court, either.
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