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Category: Last Word by Sarita Sarvate

Confessions of an Addict

A word of caution before you begin to solve that crossword puzzle—it can be addictive

Return to Sanity?

How my volunteering for a local election campaign made me feel engaged in this crazy process called democracy

American Tea: an Oxymoron?

Nostalgia for a cup of steaming hot Indian tea

Don't Belong to the In-Crowd

How my decision to stay clear of cliques at the workplace paid off eventually

Letter from Shangri-La

There’s no cure like a retreat at Hedgebrook Farm for a case of writer’s block

Environmental Activism Begins at Home

You don’t have to venture far to save the planet. Environmental activism can begin at home—in the kitchen garden

Will the Da VinciCode Mania Ever End?

Is The Da Vinci Code a brilliant exposé of suppressed historical facts, or simply an potboiler that received a lot of undeserved hype?

Politics in Education

Indian Americans are not the first group to fight for an unbiased portrayal of their history. But what is the point at which a fight against bias creates its own bias?

To Be or Not to Be … Nice

When I was growing up, I made a conscious decision to be “not nice.” Now I wonder what it would be like to be a softer, gentler person.

Of Mangoes and Sugarcane

The sight of a sugarcane field in Costa Rica brings a flood of mouthwatering memories.
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