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India Awakens

Garbage collection, rent control, environmental awareness, and spirituality without superstition. 21st century India is a new animal altogether.

Everyone Should Learn Español

¿Habla español? Learning Spanish is the best way to expand our horizons and world view.

What Would Shaw Say?

America needs to view the world without illusion, the way George Bernard Shaw would have done.

Obsessed with The Sopranos

The Sopranos may be misogynistic and even xenophobic at times, but it is also "nearly the best thing ever recoded on film."

Take Your Children Camping

Camping is good fun—hiking, sleeping bags, romantic cookouts—but it’s also essential education for the new generation.


Elated that Aishwarya's coming to Hollywood? Be concerned about commercial exploitation instead.

Waiting for an Epiphany

Notes from unplanned, spontaneous excursions across France and Italy.

Family Immigration Could Be Radically Reduced

As Congress debates a proposal that will tear down a pillar of U.S. immigration, family reunification, let's not forget the stories of husbands, wives, siblings, and children, who boarded planes and ships to join their families in the American Dream

Sanjaya, the Anti-Ambassador

Is he the biggest bumbling idiot, or a genius on par with Steven Colbert? Sanjaya, the ultimate under-achiever

Waiting for Deliverance

After eight years of George W. Bush’s disastrous presidency, people are ready for a regime change in the United States. But is Hillary Clinton the answer?
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