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An Ode to Wives Who Rule

“What did John Lennon see in her?” is a question that forever refuses to die. There is a magical quality about Yoko.  Her assets and attractions are hidden underneath the surface.

A Magical Murder Mystery

Sarita Sarvate talks of her fascination with Serial, a podcast about the disappearance of a Korean girl.

I Am India’s Daughter Too

Sarita Sarvate on why she cried when she watched India’s Daughter.

Am I a Goddess or a Crone?

Looking back on my life, I wonder if I have ever felt like a goddess. 

Was Charlie Hebdo Funny?

Once upon a time, the terrorist attacks in Paris would have evoked an impersonal response in me. But now, I view them with a telephoto lens. I know the streets, the boulevards, the buildings. After living in France for a month last summer, I know something of the French ...

Why Patriarchy?

The sad eradication of matriarchy and prevalence of patriarchy.

Has Democracy Been Compromised?

After nearly a decade, I am back in Washington, D.C. wandering the majestic monuments. And even though I have been to DC several times during the aughts, I feel inexplicably nostalgic. Is it because I first walked these streets nearly three and a half decades ago, I wonder? Or ...

Watch The Wire This Election Season

Not long ago, I announced in these very pages that a TV show like Breaking Bad will never come again. Well, I have to eat humble pie and say that there is a show just as good as Breaking Bad, if not better.  I am talking of The Wire. I ...

Give Governor Brown Another Chance

I watched the televised debate between Governor Jerry Brown and Republican challenger Neel Kashkari with interest. Just the other day, an Indian friend had pointed out that Kashkari had voluntarily become homeless in order to study poverty. “It must be a publicity stunt,” I said. “When you have millions, it ...

A Brave New World

From the top of a double decker train, I watch the Riviera go by. The word, Riviera, conjures up a sepia colored village in my mind, straight out of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. So, on my way from a writers’ residency in Italy to one in France, I have ...
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