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The Mediocre World of Malcolm Gladwell

Yet, The Tipping Point was a huge success, perhaps because corporations, wanting to use Gladwell’s theories for marketing and advertising purposes, invited him to speechify.

Annoyed by the Self-help Cult? You Are Not Alone

Are women in our society led to believe that they are in serious need of improvement? In California, everyone is spiritually enlightened. Everyone is on a path to nirvana. In the San Francisco Bay Area, there are gurus galore; ashrams are at every street corner; and yoga has gone mainstream ...

Masters of Political Theater

Donald Trump has climbed to the top of the opinion polls with his outrageous statements. This is no surprise. Politics is, after all, theater. But American politicians are rank amateurs when it comes to creating an entertaining yet succinct message for the populous. That talent seems to be reserved ...

Will the Real Bobby Jindal Please Stand Up?

Whenever Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal talks, I cringe. He reminds me of Peter Sellers trying to imitate an Indian guy pretending to be a Southerner. Or rather, lacking Peter Seller’s talent, he sounds like a B-actor playing a bumbling Indian imitating a Southern politician. Bobby Jindal is God ...

Does a Corset a Woman Make: Defining Femininity in the Face of Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Cover

Under the guise of promoting transgender rights, don’t reduce me to a body in a white corset.  

An Ode to Wives Who Rule

“What did John Lennon see in her?” is a question that forever refuses to die. There is a magical quality about Yoko.  Her assets and attractions are hidden underneath the surface.

A Magical Murder Mystery

Sarita Sarvate talks of her fascination with Serial, a podcast about the disappearance of a Korean girl.

I Am India’s Daughter Too

Sarita Sarvate on why she cried when she watched India’s Daughter.

Am I a Goddess or a Crone?

Looking back on my life, I wonder if I have ever felt like a goddess. 

Was Charlie Hebdo Funny?

Once upon a time, the terrorist attacks in Paris would have evoked an impersonal response in me. But now, I view them with a telephoto lens. I know the streets, the boulevards, the buildings. After living in France for a month last summer, I know something of the French ...
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