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Category: Fiction

Fragments of Glass

Fragments of Glass: Honorable mention, Katha 2005

Affidavit of Support

Affidavit of Support: Third Prize winner, Katha 2005.


Teacher, Second Prize winner, Katha 2005.

The Talkative Donkey of Balram Singh

First Prize • Katha 2005

Step to the Future

Step to the Future

A Code of Conduct

Where is the happiness? In living for society or for oneself?

Sprinklers in the Rain

Sprinklers in the Rain. A father agonizes over choosing between his children.

Train to Kolkata

Train to Kolkata

Instances of Disorder

Honorable mention Katha 2004.

For My Baby Who Will Walk in Another Country

For My Baby Who Will Walk in Another Country. Honorable mention, Katha 2004.
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