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Manufacturing Optimism

Ro Khanna discusses how manufacturing is still the key to America’s future

A Clear Choice

Faced with a sluggish economy and global events that are changing the dynamics at home, it is easy and tempting to be uninvolved in the election process. But contrary to appearances, this is a significant, even vital election, especially for those of us who find America’s freedoms, respect ...

Broccoli Wins

With a Supreme Court ruling in favor of the individual mandate, the United States joins the rest of the developed world in guaranteeing affordable medical access to its citizens.

Kitchen Chemistry

Master Chef contestant Nandini Anant is a self-taught cook

The Truth Behind Campaign Ads

Even voters only marginally engaged in the political process dread the approach to the presidential elections this November, knowing that their mailbox, television, and favorite internet hangouts will soon be pervaded with in-your-face campaign advertising. Given the ugly rhetoric that pervaded the Republican primary, that concern is valid. American ...

Where is the Desi Jeremy Lin?

Indian Americans have made inroads into many spheres of American life but success in mainstream sports has been limited. Traditionally, sports careers have rarely been on the possibilities list for desi students. After Jeremy Lin’s success, however, attitudes may be changing among parents and children. Education often supersedes ...


Dear Jaya, Welcome to the wonderful world of India Currents. As you take over the role of editor, you must be wondering what to expect from this new job. So here goes: First of all, the reports of the demise of print media are greatly exaggerated. Three years ago, when ...

The Myth of the Secular State


Girding For an Election Year


Thinking Different

Steve Jobs was a person to be admired even for non-Macolytes.
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