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What Is “I?”

THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE by Anil Ananthaswamy. Hardcover. 320 Pages. Dutton. $15.12 on Amazon. Graham, a 48-year old man, is convinced that his brain has died. No amount of empirical evidence can shake him from his belief in his non-existence. He suffers from Cotard’s syndrome and ...

Speak Up, Prime Minister Modi

It is now 16 months since Mr. Modi was elected. Are voters satisfied with his record thus far?

Dysfunction Knows No Geography

Parajuly’s characters are not particularly nice people, but they are profoundly human in their desires and sorrows and striving.

A Nation in Transition

ROGUE ELEPHANT by Simon Denyer.

Blood and Guts

Katha 2014 • First Place

Still Searching for the Formula

THE TRIPLE PACKAGE. By Amy Chua, Jed Rubenfeld. 

On Faith

The producer at the radio station where I host a kid’s quiz show was unusually complimentary. “Your show is so interesting and fun ... it deserves its popularity,” he gushed while I blushed. As I arranged my quiz paraphernalia in the small booth where we work, he went on ...

Fall From Grace


The Risky Road

Indian American small business owners forge their own success stories despite the hurdles of changing business and regulatory environments, little community support and business inexperience. What makes members of the model minority give up the security of salaried jobs for the uncertain future of entrepreneurship?

Get Off the Fence

Launching the Bay Area Indian American Democratic Club.
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