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The Democratic Party's Prospects

Can the Obama wave lead to a McCain victory in November?

Independence, Freedom, Democracy

Are 60 years of Indian independence, freedom, and democracy cause for celebration? Two opinions

Hindu Prayer in the U.S. Senate

Is the disruption of the Hindu prayer in the Senate meaningful for Hindus in America? Two opinions.

After the Hanging

FORUM: Was the hanging of Saddam Hussein a net positive for the United States? Two opinions

Musharraf's Star Turn

With the media attention that his recent autobiography garnered, has Gen. Musharraf hoodwinked India and America yet again? Two opinions

Jihad Comes to India

Were the Mumbai blasts the work of foreigners? Two opinions

Mr. Bush Goes to New Delhi

Did the much-anticipated Bush India trip have any substance? Two opinions.

The Selling of India

How concerned should we be that India’s politicians and media are anti-national traitors? Two Opinions

The India-U.S. Nuclear Deal

Is the latest India-U.S. nuclear pact a good deal for India?

UPA Government's First Year

The UPA government’s performance in its first year.
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