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Five Questions to Ask On a First Date

Q I don’t have a lot of dating experience, and find it difficult to keep the conversation flowing on first dates. Any suggestions?A You aren’t alone—keeping first date conversation flowing can be difficult for many. Here are five questions to ask your date in order to ...

Five Ways to Find Love a Second Time

Q.I’m in my early-50s, and I’ve been divorced now for seven years. Now that my kids are in college, I feel ready for a companion again. I was married before via an arranged marriage, and have no idea how to go about finding someone. Any suggestions?A ...

It’s In The Eyes: Using Eye Contact to Determine Romantic Interest

My friend told me to pay attention to my date’s eyes to gauge his interest—any truth to that?

Cheating Relationships

The relationship diva dispenses advice on cheating relationships.

Long-Distance Relationships

With tools available on the Internet, relationships that span even thousands of miles have a higher success rate than ever before.

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Are you a single male? Women are far more likely to be receptive to any of the following four approaches than cheesy pick-up lines.

What to Avoid When Flirting with Guys

Q. My friends tell me I don’t know how to flirt with guys at all, and I think they’re probably right. Any tips?A.You are not alone. Here are five “don’ts” to watch out for. Don’t stare too much While making eye contact with a ...

My Husband Cheated on Me With a Younger Woman

Q. I just discovered that my husband slept with a woman 20 years younger than me. He said he made a mistake and wants to stay together. What should I do?A. It’s completely understandable if you feel devastated. Below are five suggestions to keep in mind as you ...

Honesty is Not Always the Best Policy

Q.On the one hand, I’ve been told I should always be completely honest about everything with a partner. On the other hand, I’ve also heard it may not be wise to tell your partner everything all the time. What do you think? A.I think that honesty ...

Keeping Divorce Away from Marriage

Q. I’ve noticed that many of the young people in this country are getting divorced. Do you have any tips or suggestions for people interested in preventing divorce? A.Below are four tips for married people who want to reduce the odds of divorce. i) Decide That Divorce Is ...
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