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The mournful meowing of a lonely cat in Manhattan stirs up unresolved emotions

A Mother's Day Gift

Scrap those plans for dining out, and make a home-cooked meal for Mom on Mother’s Day. And don’t forget to do the dishes

Tackling Domestic Violence

Narika was formed to tackle the scourge of domestic violence in South Asian households. What are the lessons learned from providing culturally sensitive assistance for the last 15 years?

Krishna, SFX, and Hyderabadi Biryani

Over 100 artists huddle over their desks in a Hyderabad office, hand-drawing sketches of Krishna fighting the multi-headed snake Kalia. An animation film of Krishna’s boyhood is in the works


Letters and Opinions

Sanjaya, the Anti-Ambassador

Is he the biggest bumbling idiot, or a genius on par with Steven Colbert? Sanjaya, the ultimate under-achiever

America's Window to the World


Ayurveda in America

What is the status of ayurveda today, nearly three decades after it was first transplanted into American soil? What are the challenges ahead?

May 2007

Visa Dates

Encyclopedia Unveils the Great Indian Diaspora

The Encyclopedia of the Indian Diaspora is a compilation of stories of the staggering diaspora of 20-25 million people of Indian origin
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