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I like to believe that I was born with a pen in one hand and a book in the other. Ever since I was a child, books have been my constant companions. I read when I’m bored, I read when I travel, and I read when I’m drowning in work. Add to that my love for food, and you’ll find me cooking the books I read. Well, not quite literally!

My obsession with food and books has tempted me to start a monthly book club for cooks. Each month, I will pick a book that we can all read and enjoy, and, at the end of the month, cook a dish inspired by the story and its characters. You can participate, too, by reading the book and coming up with your own recipe. Once you’re all set, shoot me an email, and I’ll add you to the round up after the deadline. Recipes will be published online at The books chosen will be easily accessible in public libraries. If you have any favorite books or authors you would like to see featured, please feel free to email me with your suggestions.

May’s book club pick is Serving Crazy with Curry by Amulya Malladi. The deadline for recipe entries is May 30; email your name and entry to, along with a note that you are an India Currents reader. My recipe inspired by Serving Crazy with Curry will be published in the June issue of India Currents, along with the name of the book for June.

Meena Agarwal is a food writer and author of the blog Hooked on Heat. Visit

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