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Articles Published in November, 2006

The Damage is Within

The colonial legacy of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, the call to repeal it, and the debate it has prompted about homosexuality and HIV/AIDS in India.

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving recipes that honor endangered peoples, and save and respect animals.

In Memory of Bismillah Khan

Tribute to a great artist who brought the shehnai out of the naubatkhana and into the concert hall—Bismillah Khan (1916-2006)

South Asian Film Festival


Sammy Turns Into a Swamy?


On Knowing and Not Knowing

I’ve always been somebody who needs to know, and now I’m learning that there can be great joy in not knowing.

A Unique Theatrical Collage


Out of the Closet?

How does one protect an impressionable child from the hurtful prejudices of her grandmother?

Small Hands

Where Concept Meets Concrete

How Praful Kulkarni uses the latest technological tools to keep his Newport Beach, Calif.-based architectural firm, gkkworks, competitive in a rapidly shrinking world.
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