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Articles Published in May, 2005

H-1B Petitions

Ask A Lawyer

Marital Thriller

Musafir packs marital masala with a thrilling twist.

Meet Bobby Bedi

This little-known man behind hits like Saathiya, Maqbool, and Bandit Queen, talks about his production style and upcoming projects.

Close Encounter of the Baghera Kind

An adventure in Corbett Tiger Reserve.


A government employee takes wings before he gets too complacent in his secure rut.

The Taming

Three innocent words trigger a transformation from formidable desi gangster to a sobbing, repentant son of a noble mother.

Improbably Bombastic

Anosh Irani’s The Cripple and his Talismans fails to impress despite bold attempts to meld the sacred and the profane.
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