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Cap on H-1B Visas

Ask A Lawyer

Architectural Wonders

Spurred on by a documentary titled The Lost Temples of India, our writer sets out to see the architectural wonders of the Chola temples in Thanjavur.

Sweet Home Carolina

A longtime Californian moves to North Carolina and finds plenty she likes that could keep her from coming back.


Have a berry happy holiday season.

Coming Home

Returning to Chennai on vacation from America, a young man searches for the fond memories of the home that he remembers as Madras.

Abusive Interactions in Families

Getting a handle on stress-induced anger.

The Detached Desi

A self-proclaimed detached desi shares his slowly growing affair with the notion of being desi.

Contesting to Win

An impressive slate of Indian-American candidates in the upcoming primary elections are running issue-based campaigns, passionately emphasizing foreign policy, the economy, education, and the environment.

The BJP Wave in India

Interpreting the BJP victories: our columnists offer opposing viewpoints.

The Politics of Pakistan

The downplaying of the Kashmir dispute, failed attempts to assassinate Musharraf, and the U.S. investigation of alleged sales of nuclear secrets, indicate a breakdown of the old order.
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