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Articles Published in October, 2003

Normal Times Ahead

Whether in Godhra, Bombay, or Best Bakery, acts of terror against innocent civilians must be seen with the same eye and deemed equally punishable.

Growing by Degrees

Asian Travels 2, compiled by Robert Duskis, is a collection of music inspired by the Indian techno club scene in London, performed by artists from the world over, who have hybridized this style even further.

Nonviolent Resistance in the West Bank

What can an Indian girl from California do to abet peace proceedings between Israel and Palestine?

One Sandal, Many Styles

Dedicated, innovative, creative—and the award.

A Faded Green Sari

On a trip to Chennai, the author encounters entrepreneurial success and burning intellect—wrapped in a faded green sari.

Recovering from Abuse

Recovering from the pain and anger inflicted by abuse.

Festival Treats

Carrying on traditions with food and festivities: Vijayadashami and Diwali treats

Far from Home

A review of Monica Ali's Brick Lane

Kitchen Table

Nostalgia needs no fancy setting. A simple kitchen table—or none—will do.

From Crosswords to Corporations

Dedicated, innovative and creative.
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