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Articles Published in October, 2003

A New Generation of Leaders

Engineers, doctors, lawyers, ... the desi community has got those. It is time now to step into the hurly burly of U.S. politics and represent our growing numbers.



Recall the Recallers



College, week two, lesson one...

India Rising in the Pacific Century?

Debating the pros and cons of an emerging strategic friendship with Israel.

Sitting Pretty

Indian-American actress Purva Bedi calls for a little more collective anger from South Asians—enough to make Hollywood sit up and take notice of our talented artists.

Stop the Killings

Making way for a mosque and a temple is the first step to making way for peace.

A Gift from the Cosmos

Rakesh Roshan’s Koi Mil Gaya can be called an Indian sci-fi set within the touching story of a youngster who gives us a peek into our inner cosmic selves.

Sweet, Ripe, and Juicy

In The Mango Season by Amulya Malladi, the heroine Priya Rao stands her own ground against a traditional family, and realizes that in the process, she is offering voice to other women in the family.

Work Visas and Permanent Resident Status

Ask A Lawyer
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