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Articles Published in October, 2002

Across Necks from Across Continents

A Story Around Your Neck? A stamp of history and culture. A stamp of style. Usha Shankar and her company Jeweled Motif make a unique attempt at infusing the aura of royalty into today’s trends.

Cooking up a storm

Good Indian food in the right form and quality, presented against pleasing ambience: Vijay Bist, owner of Amber India restaurant, talks about the best way to a customer’s heart—through his stomach.

Corruptcy is Not the Name of a Third World Disease

A third-world disease discovered by American pundits now seems to have made its way into the first world.

Families Matter

Vividly painted in all their strengths and failings, Rohinton Mistry’s characters in Family Matters emerge as true heroes in the battle we know as everyday life. By Poornima Apte. In Bitter Gourd and Other Stories, Talat Abbasi takes on viewpoints of all sorts of characters to weave stories that are universal in their appeal and message.

House That Roared

Sri Devi’s debut production Shakti is a woman-centric tale where a father-in-law locks horns with his daughter-in-law in his quest to win over his grandson. In Sur, a music teacher encounters the array of human frailties as he interacts with a student. Here is a film set to make its mark.

Mental Peace

The search for mental peace in a troubled world.

Musical Travels

A little bit of bhangra; melodious notes from Asha Bhosle; music of the mohan veena and chitra veena; and Rajasthani folk songs: The Rough Guide to the Music of India is a well-rounded guide for musical travelers through the Indian subcontinent.

Stone, Stone Everywhere

Speaking through chisel and stone, the sculptures, sculptors, and carvings in Mammallapuram tell the tale of this erstwhile port’s splendor and prosperity. Sadly, it is a tale facing erosion by the salty winds blowing inward from the sea.

Terrorism, War, and Indo-Pak Tensions

Enough is enough, says one columnist: Conventional war with Pakistan is the only remaining choice. Let’s hold our horses, cautions the other—we still have a few more options to explore. What do you think?

The Bhajan King

Content in his Music Riyaz is a part of his life. Small surprise then that Anup Jalota has the highest number of platinum discs recorded in history. The bhajan samrat talks about his career, current projects, and dreams.
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