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New Law Signed

Ask A Lawyer

Profile This!

Profiling is not just unfair and problematic, it is inefficient and worthless.

Signing in Hollywood

The signs are everywhere—is Hollywood going desi? Also, in movie reviews this month, rent Hum Kisise Kum Nahin for a hilarious narrative with a class comedy act by Amitabh Bachchan. On the other hand, Hysterical Blindness, deftly directed by Mira Nair, takes a very real look at the lives of three working class American women living in New Jersey two decades ago.

The Coming Outsourcing Boom

The coming outsourcing boom: India and America should work hand-in-hand to make it work for both societies.

The Glass Bangles

Glass bangles make the hands of any bubbly teen look pretty … where does skin color figure in the picture?

The Valley of Rainbows

Unsullied sunrises, a star-shaped lake, thundering waterfalls, and pristine trails. Kodaikanal, the South’s summer paradise, offers more than just a lush escape from the heat.

Being Brown in America

Since 9/11, many have discovered that brown may not be the best color for an immigrant in America. We take a look at the stories of some such people, and take note of the sudden strict implementations of immigration laws that were once gathering dust in the books.

The Post "Colonial" Hariharan

Jingles and ghazals, fusion and film songs. Dabbling in an array of music, Hariharan has journeyed from intense classical training to popular music. In an interview he reveals what motivated him to keep going for over decade until he finally made the limelight in the ’90s.

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