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Articles Published in October, 2002

Of Love And A Longing

Ten Days in Portugal: Saudades

A Skeptical World

Would you live on the 13th floor? Or cross the street after a black cat? Our columnists debate the logic (or illogic) behind superstitions.

Bush's Record


Complex Relationships

All for Love by Ved Mehta is not just a chronicle of his complicated romantic relationships, it is also an admission that, not coming to terms with his blindness sabotaged these relationships. Neela: Victory Song by Chitra Banjerjee Divakaruni is the story of a young girl, set during India’s freedom movement.

Electric Karnatik

While One in a Million ranks mediocre for a musician of Shankar’s caliber, Eternal Light and Raga Aberi show his special gift for simultaneously revolutionizing and preserving Karnatik music.

Empty Nester

It is normal to feel blue when the young have left the nest.

Graduation Party

On the occasion of a graduation party, a mother reflects on the meaning of grade point averages, the race for top schools, and what eventually makes for a good person and life.

I Speak, Therefore I Am

And thus she spake … a teen muses on the fast diminishing appreciation for the beauty of language among her peers.



My Father Myself

A daughter reflects on her father’s teachings that make her proud to be who she is today.
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