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The Scent of Blue Magnolias

In the fragrance of the blue magnolia lay encapsulated heady memoroes of romantic times. Honorable Mention • Katha Fiction Contest.

Tragedy and Transformation

In A Breath of Fresh Air, narrated through the realistic and poignant story of Anjali whose life and course get affected by the Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984, author Amulya Malladi paints a picture of the physical and emotional scars of victims of the unfortunate event.

Visa Changes

Ask A Lawyer

A Family Business of Sarods

In a benefit concert for the India Literacy Project, Amjad Ali Khan and his sons treat audiences to seven generations of music. Khan talks about his passion for music, and his take on religion and communal violence; his sons speak on their musical training and their father and guru.

Patriot Games

The Legend of Bhagat Singh comes away a winner when pitted against other productions on the life of the legendary freedom fighter.

Small Business is BIG

Initial Investment: $1,000. Rewards: Oregon State Small Business Persons Award. Sonal Shah tells us how small business can be really big.

Two Melodies Together

Pandit Jasraj's ingenious and profound vocal style, and Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia's strong, sweet, and melodic flute-playing have made them beloved names in the music world.

Am I Home?

Am I Home?

A Reformed Conformist

A teen discusses the correlation between music types and teen social classification.

A Year Later

A year later, coping with fears and memories of 9/11.
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