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Articles Published in September, 2002

The Wild East

If you are tired of following the global game of brinksmanship being played in Jerusalem, Baghdad, New Delhi, or Washington, here is something to take your mind off. Veerappan has struck again.

Forever Cosmetic

Has the world really changed since 9/11?

Banning Cow Slaughter in India

Should only cows be spared from the butcher’s block or should we ban slaughter of all animals and turn vegetarian overnight?

Flax of Life

How about some scones to help guard against hypertension? Flaxseed Scones and Akshi Chutney.

From Bollywood to London

A.R. Rahman already has club-hoppers in London dancing to his tunes. Now he is moving in closer with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bombay Dreams, a musical playing in London’s West End theater district.

Gone with the Mullahs

Where poets once sang the perfect ode to the orange blossom and an act of kindness was five liters of gas lent to stranded motorists on the Kabul Gorge—remembering Afghanistan in better days.


Letters to the editor

Love in the Ruins

Richly detailed and brilliantly complex, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s narration of Saratchandra’s Devdas is a feast for the eyes


Through the same port that traded in spices, ivory, and timber, Kozhikode, has acquired a rich history that make it worth a visit today. Malabar: Land of Looms and Lore.


What harsh facts of life are our children learning at school?
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